FAQ Friday: Processing Gift Certificates in TAM

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faq_smallQuestion: How do I process Gift Certificates in TAM?

Answer: Gift Certificates are issued as a Non-SKU in the Cash Register application. TAM will not create or print certificates, nor will it assign unique certificate numbers. However when issued, TAM will track all certificates issued and redeemed.

Issuing a Gift Certificate
Select Issue Gift Certificate from the Non-SKUs menu.

Gift Certificates Picture 1Enter the unique Gift Certificate number and select “Enter”

Next, enter the dollar amount of the certificate (required) and the First and Last Names of the Purchased For and Purchased By (optional).

Gift Certificates Picture 2
Complete the transaction

Gift Certificates Picture 3
Redeeming Certificates
Add items to the transaction. Then select Redeem Gift Certificates from the Non-SKUs menu

Gift Certificates Picture 4
Enter the certificate number.

Gift Certificates Picture 5
Proceed with the transaction.

If the amount of the certificate is more than the amount due, a refund for the unused amount can be issued. Also, a new certificate can be issued for the remaining amount.

Select Non-SKU’s – Issue Gift certificate and follow issuing instructions above.

Gift Certificates Picture 6
Complete the transaction.

Once redeemed, certificates cannot be used again.

Gift Certificates Picture 7

To print your gift certificates, go to Point of Sale, Print, and Gift Certificates in TAM Office.

Select your filter options

Gift Certificates Picture 8
Once previewed, reporting can be printed or exported
Gift Certificates Picture 9If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact the TAM Help Desk at 866-435-7826 or email us at help@tamretail.com

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