Increased Throughput

Dramatically increase transaction speed with the minimal touch approach to our proven register application design.

Advanced Barcode Support

Quickly ring items by scanning any barcode format. Cross-reference an unlimited number of unique barcode numbers for any item.

Quick SKUs

Easily link departments and items to touch screen buttons for those items that do not lend themselves to barcode scanning.

Designed for Specialty

POS specifically designed for specialty venues including merchandise sales, admissions, and services.

Secure at Many Levels

Multiple levels of security that allow for restriction of features backed up by reliable auditing capabilities.


Application password security restricts access to only authorized team members.


Register password security defines features accessibility to all access, no access, or access only with a manager’s approval.


Idle timeout settings and more that eliminates unauthorized access.

More than Just POS

An application that delivers functionality that is not typical in today’s specialty cash register applications.

Robust Promotions

Reduce your associate’s use of the discount button with our robust promotional capabilities. Automatically apply customer, volume, promotional, and buy X, get one discounts.

Coupon and Voucher Support

Redeem an unlimited number and type of coupons and vouchers while automatically tracking their redemption rates.

Check Stock Status

At the touch of a button, view an item’s picture, inventory status, and store-by-store availability in the register application.

Cash Control

A combination of reliable automated monitoring, reconciliation, and auditing tools that prevent loss.

Cash Reconciliation

Easily reconcile currency and prevent loss at end of day or shift, by register line or by associate.

Detailed Audit Trail

Instantly record all cash register activity in an electronic journal file that provides the highest level of detailed auditing capabilities.

Fraud Alerts

Management team instantly receives either text or email notifications for suspect events like excessive discounts, excessive training, and more.

Advantages for Specialty

Built-in business rules that naturally promote and increase efficiencies in specialty operations.

Role Play

Advanced training mode allows associates and volunteers to learn the cash register by using it.

Cross Selling Enabled

Sell any product or service offering in a single transaction.

Many Peripheral Options

Interfaces with a wide variety of devices including scales, change dispensers, ticket printers, card printers, and more.

Converged Commerce

A POS developed to work hand-in-hand through seamless integration with all of our application options.

Inventory Management

Delivers accurate, real-time, and perpetual inventory control.

Payment Processing

Delivers secure and accurate real-time payment processing.

Customer Relationship Management

Delivers robust real-time customer relationship support.

Leading Technologies

The POS for Merchandise option has the tech your team requires built in and continues to evolve.


You determine who, where, and when merchandise sales data is viewed and changed.


Easy to learn and use and intrinsically reduces training needed between business units.

Robust Reporting

Produce, schedule, and distribute from basic merchandise sales reporting to advanced analytics with our embedded reports or built-in business intelligence.

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