TAM for Executives

Predictable ROI

Save time by converging all of your organization’s commerce and reduce costs that are typically imposed by diverged applications. One application, one data store, which provides a 360° view of all activity regardless of business unit. Converged commerce provides a rapid and continuing return-on-investment.

Monitor Key Metrics in Real-time

Instantly view consolidated reporting for all business units or drill down to any level desired including districts, regions, locations, registers, and associates. Produce, schedule, and distribute advanced analytics with our embedded reports and built-in business intelligence.


An enterprise solution allowing you to choose the options needed to fit any budget. Procure a turnkey solution, application software only, or a hybrid of hardware and software. Implement the application enterprise-wide or start small and grow one or two business units at a time.

Proven Accurate

An accurate and auditable application with results you can trust. Count on real-time reporting incorporating daily transactions, financial, attendance, member, donor, employee, and inventory activity.

Customer Success

A proven solution from not only a single provider, but the sole developer of the application. Our goal is to make life easier, and that starts with respecting your time. Get the help needed 24 hours a day, 7 days week, 365 days a year.

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