TAM for Food Services

Easy and Fast POS

A role-playing training mode that allows associates to learn the touch screen based-POS by doing. Our minimal touch approach in our proven register design dramatically increases transaction throughput.

Flexible Menus

Easy to establish and change on-screen menus that include menu items and both optional and mandatory modifiers.

KDS Ready

Expedite orders to the kitchen with integrated kitchen printers, kitchen displays, and bump bars.

Designed for Hospitality

Specifically designed for many hospitality venues including cash and carry, table or full service, and tab service.

Control Inventory

Accurately track perpetual inventory for multiple selling locations and warehouses. Oversee supplier orders, inventory receipts, transfers, sales, inventory levels, and reorder points.

Robust Reporting

Produce, schedule, and distribute from basic reporting to advanced analytics with our embedded reports or built-in business intelligence. Monitor sales and fraud with interactive dashboards and automated email or text alerts.

Proven Accurate

An accurate and auditable application with results you can trust. Count on real-time reporting incorporating daily transactions, financial, patron, labor, and inventory activity.

Customer Success

A proven solution from not only a single provider, but the sole developer of the application. Our goal is to make life easier, and that starts with respecting your time. Get the help needed 24 hours a day, 7 days week, 365 days a year.

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