Full and Seamless Integration

Fully integrate card payments with all facets of the solution while accurately recording detailed authorization information.

Fast Authorization

Card payment authorization in three seconds or less (in most configurations).

Detailed Audit Trail

The application records detailed payment data including card tendered, payment amount, token, and authorization data.

Converged Commerce

At customer facing merchandise, admissions, or dining registers, phone centers, administration offices, and on the Web, payment processing is converged with detailed and accurate reporting.

No Processor Limitations

Why choose an application that limits your organization’s card payment processor? Low initial fees, when arbitrarily increased later, can leave you without options.

Multiple Options

TAM offers more than one middleware or gateway for you to choose from.

Pick a Processor

Pick the processor that fits your organization’s needs with our middleware or gateway options.

Shop and Compare

Now or in the future, keep your organization’s existing processor or shop and compare others for the best rates and services.

Certified PCI Compliant

Our application meets or exceeds all Payment Card Industry processing requirements.

Full P2PE

EMV option provides full point-to-point encryption security.

PCI Secure

Certified fully PCI-DSS compliant by the PCI Security Standards Council.


Never storing sensitive payment card data dramatically reduces organizational PCI certification requirements.

Supports All Payment Types

Our application supports the many major forms of credit card payment.

Chip and Swipe

Supports all major credit card input forms including chip, swipe, or manually entered.

Tap and Pay

Supports Apple and Android near field communication payment processing.


Supports EBT/Debit cards with PIN validation.

Leading Technologies

The Payment Processing option has the tech your team requires built in and continues to evolve.


You determine who, where, and when payment data is viewed and changed.


Easy to learn and use and intrinsically reduces training needed between business units.

Robust Reporting

Produce, schedule, and distribute from basic payment reporting to advanced analytics with our embedded reports or built-in business intelligence.

Need more details on TAM's benefits?

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