Flexibility Built In

Set up your organization’s venues, program offerings, and communications how you want and as many as you need.

Venue Tracking

Set up and maintain an unlimited number of venues with different capacities and availability.

Program Tracking

Establish unlimited programs and their unique terms, conditions, venues, availability, add-ons, and pricing schedules.

CRM Documents

Author user defined digital and hard copy communications including confirmations, reminders, and survey invitations.

Manage Bookings

Easily book and change reservations across multiple venues using a centralized calendar of events, while improving your customer’s reservations experience.

360⁰ View

Know your customers when they call and view past bookings in an instant.

Book from Anywhere

Call centers, customer facing POS, or the Web are all supported channels.

Track Monies

Automatically calculate program fees, process payments, and track balances due.

Converged Commerce

Make sure the right hand knows what the left hand is doing. Make internal communications and data sharing between business units more efficient today.

Resource Management

Record resources needed for each booking. Resources can include furniture, audio visual, docents, and translators needed or assigned.

Docent Scheduling

Publish tours booked and needed number of docents allowing the docents to volunteer online. Manage docents and their work schedules.

Meet Commitments

Help your team back up booking commitments for things like setup services, docent requirements, and catering needs between business units.

Leading Technologies

The Group Sales and Facilities Rental option has the tech your team requires built in and continues to evolve.


You determine whom, where, and when group sales data is viewed and changed.


Easy to learn and use and intrinsically reduces training needed between business units.

Robust Reporting

Produce, schedule, and distribute from basic group sales reporting to advanced analytics with our embedded reports or built-in business intelligence.

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