Stock Level Management

Easily and quickly produce SKUs, record inventory receipts, and produce pricing tags and labels. Replenish inventory in an effective and timely manner.

Establish SKUs

Create many types of items including hard goods, soft goods, and food. Define each SKU’s department, category, classification, vendor, case pack, cost, selling price, and more to track performance and status.

Manage Stock Orders

Monitor a vendor’s items and quickly fill orders needed. Process order receipts and instantly produce barcoded pricing labels and/or tags. Process and track vendor returns in a snap.

Sales Integration

Sell all items in any business unit desired with seamless and real-time integration to POS for food, POS for merchandise, and Web sales.

Proactive Reporting

While selling products, track key performance metrics on every item. Use these metrics to help control your largest investment and prevent it from controlling you!

Be a Know-It-All

TAM’s real-time metrics include stock levels, valuation, rate of sale, gross margin return on investment, turn, sell thru, and cost of goods sold.

Advanced Reporting Options

Advanced reporting provides for open-to-buy planning, sales forecasts, and projecting stock outages.

Automatic Replenishment

Be reminded automatically when a vendor needs your attention. Set minimums by location and reorder levels. Once alerted, effortlessly place timely and accurate reorders.

Accurate Multi-Location Support

Allow for efficient tracking of multiple locations and business unit inventory levels. Know where each item is at a moment’s notice.

Unattended Data Synchronization

Schedule and synchronize new items, price changes, and sales activity between remote locations without human intervention.

Flexible Views

Report by specific location or business unit, region, district, or consolidate all locations. Create, receive, and distribute vendor orders for a single store or split orders for multiple locations.

Transfer Management

Quickly create transfers, print distribution documents, acknowledge receipt of stock at destination location, and report any exceptions that occur.

Leading Technologies

The Inventory Management option has the tech your team requires built in and continues to evolve.


You determine who, where, and when inventory data is viewed and changed.


Easy to learn and use and intrinsically reduces training needed between business units.

Robust Reporting

Produce, schedule, and distribute from basic inventory reporting to advanced analytics with our embedded reports or built-in business intelligence.

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