General Admissions

Robust ticketing options allow a limitless ability to offer any form of general admissions while quickly producing professionally branded tickets in countless sizes, materials, and formats.

Unlimited Pricing Levels

Easily set up a wide range of categories and pricing levels that will track revenues and attendance.

Advanced Ticket Validation

Implement a wide variety of ticket validation rules incorporating effective dates, expiration terms, and redemption policies.

Branded Tickets

Produce tickets containing user-defined content and graphics in countless types including paper tickets, e-tickets, lapel labels, wristbands, and receipts.

Event and Attraction Ticketing

Operate numerous events encompassing attractions, exhibits, tours, and educational programs. Enforce capacity limits while coordinating advance session sales and quickly produce professionally branded tickets.

Establish Sessions

Set up unlimited events quickly and efficiently. Schedule all session dates, times, duration, capacities, participant data needed, and pricing levels.

360⁰ Calendar View

See all events in a consolidated organizational calendar that is real-time. Know attendance projections including event availability at a glance.

Produce Documentation

Automatically produce session manifests, will call lists, participant lists and labels, and resource requirements that aid in running upcoming events.

Keep In Touch with Your Attendees

Eliminate repetitive tasks, manage to-do lists, and communicate with attendees promptly, professionally, and automatically.

Advanced Digital Marketing

Bring about automatic personalized thank you notes, confirmations, reminders, and survey invitations triggered by tickets purchased.

Manage Action Items

Assign scheduled attendee follow-up tasks or action items and never miss a commitment or opportunity again.

View Patron History

Always be informed; instantly view the details of all past interactions with any customer.

Redemption and Access Control

Perform ticket redemption and validation using many methods while recording its redemption and invalidating the ticket for future use.

Robust Settings

Take advantage of a wide variety of redemption settings and policies ranging from no redemption, single use, multiple use, or automatic redemption.

Policy Enforcement

Set ticket redemption rules from no validation to restricting redemption to the exact session with defined grace periods.

Access Control

Perform redemption using many devices including fixed mounted, mobile, and unmanned turnstiles. Access can be limited to single or multiple use.

Monitor Key Metrics

Interactively monitor attendance level by category, business unit, or timeframe while automatically ranking them against past performance.


View real-time, accurate, and interactive attendance statistics that aid in critical and day-to-day decisions.

Dynamic Views

View performance from many perspectives including by business unit, period of time (using sale, redemption, or session date), activity type, and ticket category.


Automatically monitor fraud, customer service, and operational conditions, and as warranted, instantly text or email key team members wherever they are.

Leading Technologies

The Admission and Ticketing option has the tech your team requires built in and continues to evolve.


You determine who, where, and when admissions data is viewed and changed.


Easy to learn and use and intrinsically reduces training needed between business units.

Robust Reporting

Produce, schedule, and distribute from basic admissions reporting to advanced analytics with our embedded reports or built-in business intelligence.

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