Emailing Sales Receipts Can Assist in Social Distancing

Posted by Dawn Downing, Training Specialist

As a result of COVID-19, we find ourselves learning the best ways to social distance at home and in the workplace. On a personal note, I hate touching people, so this is right up my alley.

In these trying times, something as simple as sharing a paper sales receipt may spread the virus. In an attempt to safeguarding employees and patrons, consider an alternative. Offer patrons as a substitute an ability to receive a digital receipt by email.

Steps required to enable digital receipts at POS:

  1. Confirm or setup your Organization’s SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) parameters
    • In TAM Office, System Utilities, select Setup. The TAM Setup window is displayed.
    • Click the Email Parameters button in the lower left corner of the window. The Email Parameters window and Server Settings tab is displayed.
    • Verify that all server settings are correct.
  2. After confirming, click on the Email Receipts tab located within the same window.
  3. Check the Allow Email Receipts check box to enable the email receipt option.
    Note: You may customize your digital receipts by importing a user defined HTML email header file. Just include the placeholder of “[RECEIPT]” in a line inside the HTML file and that will be where TAM inserts the receipt image. By importing a header file, you can customize more than just a header. You can also insert a footer with terms and conditions of the sale.  Below is a sample of our digital receipt.
  4. Click OK, to save the email parameters and return to the TAM Setup window.
  5. Click Close to exit TAM Setup.

Sample of customized digital receipt with header and footer

Then once enabled, the Cash Registers will ask at the end of the transaction if the customer would like to email the receipt.  If the email is in the customer’s CRM record it can be used to deliver the digital receipt.  If not, an email can be entered.

Remember, we are all in this together. Stay healthy and safe.

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