Curbside Pickup Through eTAM

Posted by Dawn Downing, Training Specialist

In the last few weeks, many members of the TAM Community have asked a common question.  “Can my organization offer curbside pickup with TAM eCommerce option?” The short answer is Yes!

In these difficult times, we continue to seek out and implement more ways to protect the health of our valued employees and patrons, while offering outstanding customer service. Curbside pickup has become the new norm.

Hopefully, we will soon be able to resume our normalcy by reopening our doors and welcoming our patrons back. Until then, that level of service that your organization offers your patrons does not have to end.

Curbside pickup can be accomplished with TAM’s eCommerce option using a promotion code.  We have developed a whitepaper outlining the implementation steps required to offer curbside pickup for those of you that are using our eCommerce option.

By following the steps in the whitepaper, in days, you can begin to service the customers that loyally want to support your organization through these trying times.

To receive your copy of the Curbside Pickup Whitepaper, simply email the TAM Help Desk today by clicking here. They will reply to your email and attach the whitepaper.  The whitepaper is free to all TAM users as part of their in-force subscription agreement.

If you’re not currently using our eCommerce option, and would like to learn more, schedule a demonstration, or get pricing, simply email our sales team today by clicking here. We are here and ready to help.