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There are many cloud storage options that can assist you with your business or personal projects.  In this Tech Tip article, we will briefly discuss Microsoft’s OneDrive (formerly known as SkyDrive), and give you a few reasons as to why it may pique your interest.

If you have been using SkyDrive for awhile, you may have noticed a significant amount of updates implemented over the past few months, including the name change to OneDrive, which was rebranded to imply that you can share and manage all of your files in one place.

Some of the new features can be really beneficial to you or your business:

  • Integration with Microsoft Office:  Online users can share and collaborate on documents, presentations, and spreadsheets.
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook:  When composing a new email in Outlook, the user can now attach files shared in OneDrive.  When attaching a file (such as a photo), it provides the user with a thumbnail image which also serves as a link to view it in OneDrive.
  • Syncing applications for all platforms:  OneDrive has mobile apps for Windows Phone, Android, or iOS.   Sharing and keeping track of photos on OneDrive is very easy, and all of your data is protected.

If you would like more information about OneDrive, then check out the following links to read up on more of the features it has to offer.

This article refers to OneDrive as SkyDrive, which is what it was called before the name change;  however, the article is still accurate:  10+ Reasons to Use SkyDrive

One more article that talks about some of the new features and updates that were added in the last couple months:  Should I Use OneDrive If I’m a Windows User?

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