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We at TAM would like to remind you about our membership, loyalty, employee ID, and gift card production services!  We have recently changed our card manufacturing methods and would love to tell you more about these incredible items that will benefit your business or organization.  By offering these cards to your customers, you can strengthen your business and acknowledge your customers by offering them rewards and other benefits that make sense for your organization.

Why Memberships Cards?

  • Offering membership cards will help you keep track of your members in a timely and easy fashion.
  • Memberships allow you to offer people discounts and other benefits, such as restricted member purchase only products and services.

Why Employee ID Cards?

  • Secure access for each wait staff in food environments. 
  • Employee charges can be processed and tracked with the swipe or scan of a card.

Why Loyalty?

  • By using a self-administered program, you can easily decide on reward levels, prevent paying monthly service costs, and easily protect your most valuable assets:  your customer’s information.

Why Gift Cards?

  • Offering your customers gift cards will increase your revenues.
  • Securely issue, reload, check balances, and redeem gift cards at the POS or on the Web.

TAM Retail will offer competitive pricing and efficient shipping methods when it comes to all of our printed cards, and we would like to work with you directly to figure out a plan that suits your needs.

If you need printed cards, key tags, or a combination, contact your TAM account representative today.  Here at TAM, we pride ourselves on our knowledge and ability to work with our customers to fulfil their wishes.  Call our direct phone line at 888-843-1476, or send us an email at sales@tamretail.com with any questions or concerns you would like addressed.  We look forward to hearing from you.

*Please note; you may require additional software in order to use the above services.

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