FAQ Friday: Ending a Sale

A new article has been posted to the TAM Retail blog by Falen Page:

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: After swiping a credit card on a transaction, an associate can end the sale by pressing end on the lower right corner of TAM Point of Sale.  What if both ‘End’ and ‘Cancel’ are not enabled?

Answer: A partial authorization has been added to the transaction. If and when this happens, you will be forced to use another tender to complete the sale. This means that an employee can no longer cancel the sale because authorization has been made but full payment has not been made either. The customer will need to finish the transaction either by swiping another card or using cash to pay for the rest of the sale. If the customer has no other form of payment, the associate should end the sale by choosing cash as the rest of the tender and then completing a ‘Void Last’ in order to refund the money to the card holder.


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