FAQ Friday: Collecting Additional Credit Card Information from Phone Order Customers

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Question: We take a lot of phone orders. Is there a way to collect additional credit card information from those Customers?

Answer: If your Organization is licensed to process credit cards through TAM, there is an option that can be enabled that will prompt for additional information when a credit card number is manually entered in the Point of Sale System.

To enable this option open TAM Office – System Utilities – Setup – Credit Card Authorization.

Select “Prompt for Postal Code for AVS Processing”.

5-29-15 Blog Pict

Once enabled, the following screen will appear, whenever credit card information is manually entered to tender a transaction.

5-29-15 Blog Pict 2


If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact the TAM Help Desk Support team @ 866.HELPTAM (866.435.7826) or email at help@tamretail.com.

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