Advancing Your End of Day in TAM

A new article has been posted to the blog by Dawn Downing:

Although there are many manual processes we perform daily that we wish computers could just do for us, isn’t it nice to know that advancing your business day in TAM is already one of them?

Believe me, as a TAM Trainer, I have heard the horror stories from customers that have used other POS systems in the past. Most have complained about having to manually change their system date as part of their nightly procedures and the repercussions of this task not being performed. Most, rejoice when I explain that the TAM application has an option to automatically advance the business day to the next.  Thus, elevating the possibility of someone forgetting to advance it manually, or inadvertently entering in an incorrect business date.

To ensure that your organization has this option enabled, log into TAM Office, select System Utilities and Setup. The TAM Setup window will be displayed. Double click Point of Sale and the Point of Sale Parameters window will be displayed. The “Advance End of Day Automatically” option is located in the far, right column of the window. Enabling this option to advance the business date automatically means that there will be one less thing to worry about each night.

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