Data Purging Has Now Re-emerged in TAM Office

A new article has been posted to the TAM Retail blog by Dawn Downing:

If you are not familiar with this option,  performing a data purge allows you the ability to permanently delete old or unwanted data from your system.  From version 9 until now, to remove old Purchase Orders or unused Count sheets from your system you had to schedule a appointment with the Help Desk.  It could possibly take days or weeks for the service to be scheduled and completed.  In addition, appointments had to be scheduled before or after normal business hours, adding to the inconvenience.

The following video demonstrates how you can perform your own data purge, slowing you to perform a purge whenever you choose.

*Please note:  Make sure you back up your database before carrying out the Purge Data Task, and it is also recommended to perform the Purge Data Task on a “quiet system”, either before or after hours. 

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