A Message to Our Shift4 TAM Merchants

A new article has been posted on the TAM Retail blog by Bruce Lode:

It has come to my attention that Shift4 has been contacting our TAM merchants with a message about a new i4Go version that is required by January 12, 2016 and the clients are encouraged to prompt us to make sure we are aware.

Important! Only eTAM (not TAM Cash Register or TAM Dining) users are affected by this change.  So if you are not using eTAM, this message from Shift 4 does not apply to your organization.

If you utilize the Shift4 Gateway and have eTAM, this blog post is for you.

TAM Retail is fully aware that i4Go version 1 is being decommissioned and the requirement that a new version of eTAM compatible with i4Go version 2 be in place by January 12, 2016.  A new version of eTAM compatible with i4Go version 2 will be made available by the deadline or before.

An upgrade of eTAM will be required once the new version of i4Go has been integrated into it. A TAM version (compatible with their eTAM version) will have to be applied at the same time.

If your organization is not already reasonably current in TAM and eTAM (running 11.3.x or greater), please contact the Help Desk and to get current soon in order to make the transition to this new version easier.

At this time, we do not know the exact version of eTAM that will contain the new i4Go version 2 integration.    We will notify you as soon as the final upgrade is ready.  It will likely be late in 4th quarter. Please watch our blog for updates.

To summarize how the new version of i4Go affects your organization:

  • Are you using Shift4 for credit card processing? The answer should be ‘yes’ if you received the email from Shift4 below.

shift 4 email real

  • Does your organization have eTAM? If ‘no’, this email can be disregarded, because only eTAM (not TAM) uses i4Go.
  • What TAM/eTAM version is your organization currently running? If you are 11.3.x or below, you should definitely schedule to upgrade as soon as possible to be in the best position to upgrade again quickly when the new i4Go compatible eTAM is ready. Contact the Help Desk at 866-435-7826 to get details on the upgrade.
  • Is your TAM Subscription current? Upgrades are provided free of charge with a subscription in force.
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