[Video] Using the New TAM .NET Desktop

This article has been posted by Stephanie Lode:

The .NET version of TAM includes many new features that make navigating from option to option easier than older versions.  New functionality includes:

    • Active Options Window – Allows you to easily move from one active task to another.
    • Favorites Window – Allows you to build and maintain your own favorite options, replacing the thumb nails icon at the top of version 10 TAM.
    • Recent Window – Allows you to select from a list of recently performed tasks
    • Consolidated Reporting Window – Allows you to select any report from any module in one window.
    • Detachable Windows – Allows you to view options in TAM on your desktop with other office applications.

This is just one example of TAM’s .NET new feature set, subscribe to our blog to learn more!  I will be publishing periodic educational articles on .NET over the coming weeks and months.

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