The .NET Upgrade and TAM Keeps On Evolving!

As you may know, on average once every ten years, The Assistant Manager™ (TAM) has to be redeveloped to take full advantage of any new features, databases and controls that are made available from Microsoft.  A little over ten-years ago it was a migration from DOS to Windows and Y2K.  That was a biggy, as many of you may remember!

Well mid-2010 we started the migration of TAM VB6 to .NET. In this project we will be upgrading TAM Office, TAP and Cash Register.

TAM Factoid: Did you know that these TAM components contain well over 1,000,000 lines of code. 

While this project is not anywhere near the complexity of change for our users as the DOS to Windows® version, it is still a large and exciting undertaking.  Once complete these developement efforts will continue to protect your investment in TAM.

Even though each line of code in TAM will not have to be changed each line will have to be reviewed.  This review will be perform by our talented deveolpers and even by a program that was developed to automate a fraction of the work.  Neat huh!

Our developers Brian, Mike, Jim, Sharon and Greg have been working hard for the duration of the project, and the progress is going very well.  So well, that just over a month ago quality control has begun testing the new version.  Plenty of work to go but TAM V11 looks great!

The .NET version will be released as Version 11 starting in 2012.  The exact date is not yet known.  This version will have a new foundation but will look very much like the TAM you have come to know and love.  No additional user training will be required once installed.

So you might ask, no major differences in look and feel, what’s the big deal?  Well, let me tell you, the .NET version of TAM will include:

  • Ability to directly email reports and POs to anyone securely.
  • New grid technologies and much more by way of the controls used in the GUI.
  • Includes Credit Card Number Tokenization to further strengthen PCI security.
  • New reports and other functionality.
  • Integration to the current version of SQL Server for even faster performance.
  • Integration to the current version of Crystal Reports.
  • Enhanced admissions and tickets capabilites including group reservations.
  • Enhanced fast food menu handling and table service capabilities.
  • And more!

Now, you may ask; “Is this TAM Retail’s first venture into the .NET environment?  No, not at all, eTAM has been being developed in .NET since it was introduced many years ago.

The new .NET foundation for TAM will ultimately lead to many additional configuration options included server-based computing otherwise known as “Software as a Service” (SaaS) and improvements tothe Graphical User Interface (GUI).

More updates to follow! Thanks for reading and let me know any thoughts or questions you may have.

Bruce Lode

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