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TAM Retail now offers an offsite backup solution designed to protect your organization’s critical data from permanent loss. Not only can you back up your TAM database, but you can also backup important documentation that is stored on any of your organization’s computer.

The following statistics were gathered from various sources:

  • 6% of all PCs will suffer an episode of data loss in any given year. Given the number of PCs used in US businesses in 1998, that translates to approximately 4.6 million data loss episodes. At a conservative estimate, data loss cost US businesses $11.8 billion in 1998. (The Cost Of Lost Data, David M. Smith)
  • 31% of PC users have lost all of their files due to events beyond their control.
  • 34% of companies fail to test their tape backups, and of those that do, 77% have found tape back-up failures.
  • American business lost more than $7.6 billion as a result of viruses during first six months of 1999. (Research by Computer Economics)
  • Companies that aren’t able to resume operations within ten days (of a disaster hit) are not likely to survive. (Strategic Research Institute)
  • Every week 140,000 hard drives crash in the United States. (Mozy Online Backup)
  • Simple drive recovery can cost upwards of $7,500 and success is not guaranteed.

With TAM Retail Online Backup, you don’t have to worry about the common reasons other backup strategies fail, like forgetfulness, storage device failures, or local disasters. Moreover, this software allows you to restore your data anytime, day or night. Your data is never more than a few mouse clicks away!

TAM Retail will take care of your setup from start to finish; the process is quick, easy, and affordable!

If you have any questions, please contact your sales representative at sales@tamretail.com or 888-843-1476.

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