(Spring) Cleaning Up Your Alerts

A new article has been posted to the TAM Blog by Jennifer Chan:

We hope you are emerging from the COVID-imposed hibernation, and are blooming with new activity.  Perhaps you’re training new people; perhaps you’re rusty on a few processes.  Time to dust things off, spruce things up, reorganize.  Your partners at TAM wanted to remind you of a “set it and forget it” feature in TAM Office you may want to review, or perhaps implement for the first time: the Alerts.

Alerts can save you from having to set reminders, or repeatedly ask for reports.  Alerts can help you keep an eagle-eye watch over employees and give you piece of mind.  Alerts can give you the day-to-day highlights without you having to be there every day.

Alerts are easy to set up!  You can find them in System Utilities.  Alerts can be configured to be emailed or texted.  There are three types of Alert Classifications: Customer Service, Fraud, and Operations.  A Customer Service Alert, for example, can be set to notify you if you have an active customer order past it’s promised date.  The Fraud Alerts notify you of potentially suspicious transactions.  The Daily Tender Report can be setup to send to you automatically in Operations Alerts.

If you need assistance, you can contact the Help Desk at (866) 435-7826 or help@tamretail.com.  We hope you implement these alerts to help your operation run smoothly.

Happy Spring!