New TAM Enhancement: Refunding Event Tickets just got easier!

A new article has been posted on the TAM blog by Dawn Downing:

With the Holiday season upon us, many organizations have adopted family- friendly options such as displaying award-winning outdoor light displays and other public offerings in an attempt to keep families healthy while still socially- distancing as we all continue to adapt to this post pandemic world.  As our world continues to evolve, so is TAM.  For those operating Version 12.6.2 and above, when sessions must be cancelled, refunds can be made quickly to customers who initially purchased tickets using the TAM ecommerce platform.  To refund, simply log into TAM Office, find the specific Event Session, and select “Refund All eTAM Tickets”.

Refunds will appear in Daily Totals, Cash Register Journal, Card Activity Reports, etc.  Additionally, a recap email is sent to the Admissions Email Address (Setup – Admissions – Admission Parameters).  Currently, this option is only available for Event (Timed) Tickets sold on eTAM. General Admission Tickets, tickets sold as part of a Group Reservation, tickets purchased at Brick-and-Mortar, or tickets purchased with a Gift Card are excluded from this refunding process.

NOTE: The capability to refund all tickets purchased with a credit card at Brick-and-Mortar and eTAM will be available soon when Version 12.8 is released. 

Don’t forget TAM is available for your training needs.  If you have not enrolled yourself or your staff in our free, online training academy, simply forward the name, email address, and the name of the organization of the enrollee to help@tamb2cc.com. Or if you prefer, click the Application Learning Academy link within the Home Screen of TAM Office:

One final note, if you are looking for a more personalized training service, we are here to help. Our Training Team is happy to schedule one-on-one sessions with your organization. Sessions can be customized to the specific needs of your organization. To learn more about personalized training services, please email the Training Department at training@tamb2cc.com.

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