Quickly Adjusting Inventory Levels for Damaged Items in TAM

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Do you have questions or issues with inventory adjustment in TAM? If so, we are here to help. In the following real-life scenario, we will show you exactly how to handle an ad-hoc inventory adjustment.  There are many ways to apply and report in inventory adjustments using TAM.  This is an example of one way to quickly adjust inventory levels for damaged or spoiled inventory.


A mother and her two young children come into your facility. The kids are a little boisterous (as little ones tend to be from time to time).  All of a sudden, you hear the sound of glass breaking in the vicinity of where the mother and her children are. You walk in their direction and see two of your more expensive items broken near the feet of the children. All you can think is “Great! I’ll never be able to sell that now”.  After cleaning up the hazard do you:

    1. Impose a lifetime ban from your store to the mother and her children.
    2. Demand the mother purchase the damaged items and then impose the lifetime ban.
    3. Perform an easy inventory adjustment in TAM to account for the damaged item.

If you answered “C” you are correct. You can quickly adjust an items inventory anytime by looking under the Options sections in the left hand panel of TAM Office, selecting Inventory Management and then Inventory Adjustments. To begin the process, simply select your location. Next, select what you would like to adjust your inventory by: cases or selling units. Then, select your Adjustment Type. Next, you need to enter the SKU# and the quantity you would like to adjust. Make sure that you place a negative sign if you subtracting inventory, like you would be in the case depicted in the scenario. When you are done, select Add.

For additional illustrations of this procedure, we have included a short video that shows exactly how to make this change in TAM.

We hope this helped illustrate how easy it can be to perform a quick/ad-hoc  inventory adjustment for damaged or spoiled items in TAM. If you require additional assistance or have further questions, please feel free to contact us our Help Desk 866-HELP-TAM. We are here to help.

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