Important Notice! To TAM Users with Vantiv for Merchant Processing

Recently, your organization likely has received an email from Vantiv warning of a fast approaching TLS deadline (excerpt of the email below):

A number of our users have reached out to our Help Desk and sales team wondering how it affects them.  As a result, our quality control team reached out to Vantiv directly regarding the notice in order to learn more about how the notice applies to the TAM Community.

The Good News:

No TAM Users need to be concerned with this email as it relates to Vantiv and credit card processing.

The Reason:

  1. No TAM/Vantiv Merchants with EMV configurations are affected by this deadline (because their NETePay version uses the TLS 1.2 protocol).
  2. No TAM/Vantiv Merchants with non-EMV configurations are affected by this deadline (because the Vantiv servers x1 and g1 are running current versions of NETePay) and dsiClientX.ocx does not use TLS to communicate; it uses proprietary encryption for communication purposes.

The Not So Good News:

Some TAM Users running versions older than version 11.6.22 should be concerned with the TLS 1.2 notice.  Other web services have imposed restrictions that do not relate to credit card processing. For example, TLS protocols eTAM and TAM integrate with for connecting to other web services including; UPS, FedEx, USPS Shipping Integration and others.

Our Recommendation:

It is always important to keep your organization’s TAM system up-to-date and secure.  Immediately check the TAM version your organization is currently running.  For the version is older than 11.6.22, the Help Desk team strongly recommends you upgrade TAM to the latest release by no later than June 30, 2018.

The upgrade is available by download to all TAM Users with an in-force subscription at:

TAM Support Portal (click here)

Simply enter your TAM Serial Number and password and navigate to the Downloads page for links to the latest release’s Upgrade File, Installation Instructions, and Release List.

As always, should you have any questions or further needs relating to this subject, please contact our Help Desk at 866-435-7826 or help@tamretail.com.

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