Happy Halloween from TAM Retail!

A new article has been posted to the TAM Retail blog by Stephanie Lode:


Happy Halloween from the TAM Retail team!

Flying in from the planet Neptune is The TARDIS, Stephanie Lode, and the Doctor, Bruce Lode; dancing in from the 50s is Lynn Lode; right out of the operating room comes Emilee Frost; debuting at the local circus freak show is Grisel de la Torre; just back from her haunted honeymoon is zombie bride Kathy Almaguer; just back from his one night engagement at the Red Rocks is DICK DIAMOND aka Tracy Kuykendall; starting as The Cubs new manager is Jim Foster; back from her motorcycle ride from the underworld is Sarah Wilson; from right off the basketball courts is Brian Lode; straight from Wonderland is Brittanie McDuffie; taking a break from battling on the Death Star is Ed Baker; and last but not least… wait. ┬áCan anyone find Falen Page?…




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