Happy Halloween from TAM Retail!

A new article has been posted to the blog by Stephanie Lode:

Happy Halloween from the TAM Retail team!

Greaser, Stephanie Lode, is taking a break from causing trouble; just back from his Olympics debut, Bruce Lode the curling champion; waiting for the wind to change, Mary Poppins (Lynn Lode); making her way through the woods as Little Red Riding Wolf, Grisel de la Torre; getting ready for the rodeo, Matt Kubacka. We have a wedding at TAM Retail! As maid of honor (black dress, dead flowers, and all), Deelia Valo. Our not-so-holy nun is Katherine Almaguer. We put Tomas Serrano in charge of the rings, but he seems to have lost one… Officiate and minister of the holy nuptials, Jim Foster. To precede the bride with flowers, our flower girl, Dawn Downing The groom himself, Brian Lode, seems to be unable to find his costume… For security, we have hired Marcus Bevans, ninja.