Finding Your Customer Base

A new article has been posted to the TAM Retail blog by Dawn Downing:


Increasing your traffic within your organization can begin with simple marketing.  But how do you reach your target audience?  With the TAM System, you can enable easy options that will allow you to create, track, and analyze your customer demographics.

Why is this important?

Collecting data allows you to reconnect with your customer base directly and inexpensively through email, text messages, and calls.  Knowing a customer’s last visit or purchase might give you insight and allow you to anticipate when they might be ready to purchase or visit again.  Based on the data you’ve collected in TAM, you can also track and measure how well your marketing is working.

Below is a brief demonstration on how you can begin obtaining this valuable data.

If you have questions or need assistance enabling these options, don’t hesitate to contact the TAM Help Desk Support team at 866.HELPTAM (866.435.7826) or email athelp@tamretail.com

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