FAQ Friday: TAM Support Continued

A new article has been posted to the TAM Retail blog by Grisel de la Torre:

Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  How do I qualify for free TAM support?

Answer:  You must be running the current version of TAM and we must have access to the system via a TAM Retail approved remote access method to allow our representatives the option of online support.  The current version of TAM is version 11.

Question:  What if I don’t wish to pay for a long distance call for online support?

If you have access to the Internet from a computer on your TAM network, then our representatives can connect to your computer through a remote access tool using the Internet.  This way you only have to make a local call (if you dial into the Internet) or no call at all (if you have an “always on” connection to the Internet).

An Internet connection is generally faster than a direct dial connection even if you dial into the Internet.  Please note that if you have a firewall on your Internet connection, it is your responsibility to grant us “permission” to have access through the firewall to your computer.  You can call the TAM Help Desk for more information on this option or other remote access options.

If you have any other questions and concerns about your TAM software, please reach out to us.  Our help desk can be reached by phone at 866-435-7826 or by email at help@tamretail.com.



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