FAQ Friday: Adding a Logo or Header to Purchase Orders in TAM Office

A new article has been posted on the TAM Retail blog by Dawn Downing:
faq_smallWe have added functionality in Version 11.3 and above which allows the capability to add an image logo or header to Purchase Orders you create in TAM Office.

To add the logo, log into TAM Office – System Utilities – Setup – Inventory Management

In the lower left hand corner of the image below you can see the option to upload a “Purchase Order Image”.

Adding a Logo to TAM pict 1

Click the option, and then select “New”

Adding a Logo to TAM pict 2

Browse the network and attach your .jpg image and click “Okay” to save.
(Keep in mind that TAM will not re-size the uploaded image)
The logo will appear in the top left hand corner of the Purchase Order

Adding a Logo to TAM pict 3
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