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Want to take your e-TAM website from ordinary to extraordinary? Try using a customized Banner, Header or Footer to add to your brand along with altering the look of simple features, such as the CONTINUE or ADD TO CART buttons.  All these changes can be simple when using TAM Office. It’s as straightforward as simply uploading your edited HTML or CSS documents directly into the designated areas within the e-Store Designer.

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Things to consider changing:

Using Customized HTML and CSS

Creating or editing existing HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) and editing CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) can make your website visually attractive to potential and existing customers by adding depth to your web page. Areas to consider changing could be; site background images, banners, header, footers and buttons.

Linking Your Websites 

By using a site map, you could essentially link your main website page to your e-Store. It allows customers to still go to your main page but be re-directed to your online merchandise store. Using a site map can make also make a difference in the number of pages that are indexed by the search engines.

Adding Online Policies in Your Footer

Some suggestions to include in your footer would be your Return information:  Store Email, Address and Phone number. You could also add your Privacy and Shipping Policies to your footer as well. This would give customers the opportunity to see Terms and Conditions prior to them completing their purchase.

Making Your Search Bar BOLD

Easy accessibility to your merchandise on your website is a MUST! The more complex your site, the more difficult it may be for customers to navigate through it.  Changing the location, size and font of your search bar in the e-Store Designer can help customers search for merchandise more effectively.

Adjusting your SKU Images

This is a commonly overlooked area, yet simple change that can be made to make your website appear professionally designed. Ensure that all your background images are the same color, (preferably white), or at least match your background color. You should also make sure that your picture sizes are all consistent. Finally, take a look at your product images, are they crisp and clear? Keep in mind if the customer can’t see items clearly, chances are they are not going to purchase it.

Remember that changes made to your e-Store are not permanent. Consider updating your page on a regular basis to showcase new products, brands or to even reflect changes that have occurred in your Brick and Mortar.

If you have questions about making changes to your site, don’t hesitate to contact the TAM Help Desk Support team @ 866.HELPTAM (866.435.7826) or email at help@tamretail.com

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