Announcing Advanced Data Mining with TAM’s New Business Intelligence Option!

I am happy to announce our new Business Intelligence option for The Assistant ManagerTM.

Have you ever wanted to:

  1. Combine data from two TAM reports into one?
  2. Print annual comparison reports that are not currently available in TAM?
  3. Produce an ad-hoc report or export for temporary review with a specific combination of data that’s filtered with unlimited data traits?
  4. Schedule reports, charts, or dashboards for automatic distribution (by email) to a list of key stakeholders in your organization?

If you answered yes to any of the above now is the time to learn more. Your organization can use it to rapidly produce, schedule, and distribute analytics that range from basic to advanced. Easily mine and view data from TAM exactly the way you want it. To learn more simply click on the images below to view a quick few minute demonstration of TAM BI’s many benefits.

Quickly Produce Ad-hoc Reports and Pivot Tables without Being a Tech!

Produce ad-hoc reports and data exports. Then save and reuse them whenever needed.

Turn Reports to Graphs and Charts in a Snap!

Produce graphs and charts that can slice and dice data from all aspects of your operation.


Develop distinctive dashboards containing data widgets in many formats including charts, pivot tables, and reports.

Need to learn more or have specific questions? Interested in saving significant dollars with our new announcement licensing incentives?

Call your account representative today or email us at sales@tamretail.com today! We are ready to help.